We provide the following tutorials to help users get started with our pyhealth.

Tutorial 0: Introduction to pyhealth.data [Video]

Tutorial 1: Introduction to pyhealth.datasets [Video]

Tutorial 2: Introduction to pyhealth.tasks [Video]

Tutorial 3: Introduction to pyhealth.models [Video]

Tutorial 4: Introduction to pyhealth.trainer [Video]

Tutorial 5: Introduction to pyhealth.metrics [Video]

Tutorial 6: Introduction to pyhealth.tokenizer [Video]

Tutorial 7: Introduction to pyhealth.medcode [Video]

The following tutorials will help users build their own task pipelines. [Video]

Pipeline 1: Drug Recommendation

Pipeline 2: Length of Stay Prediction

Pipeline 3: Readmission Prediction

Pipeline 4: Mortality Prediction

Pipeline 5: Sleep Staging