The open ISRUC EEF database, refer to doc for more information.

class pyhealth.datasets.ISRUCDataset(root, dataset_name=None, dev=False, refresh_cache=False, **kwargs)[source]#

Bases: BaseSignalDataset

Base EEG dataset for ISRUC Group I.

Dataset is available at

  • The EEG signals are sampled at 200 Hz.

  • There are 100 subjects in the orignal dataset.

  • Each subject’s data is about a night’s sleep.

  • dataset_name (Optional[str]) – name of the dataset. Default is ‘ISRUCDataset’.

  • root (str) – root directory of the raw data. We expect root/raw to contain all extracted files (.txt, .rec, …) You can also download the data to a new directory by using download=True.

  • dev (bool) – whether to enable dev mode (only use a small subset of the data). Default is False.

  • refresh_cache (bool) – Whether to refresh the cache; if true, the dataset will be processed from scratch and the cache will be updated. Default is False.

  • download – Whether to download the data automatically. Default is False.


>>> from pyhealth.datasets import ISRUCDataset
>>> dataset = ISRUCDataset(
...         root="/srv/local/data/data/ISRUC-I",
...         download=True,
...     )
>>> dataset.stat()